• California Trail Users Coalition
    The California Trail Users Coalition is a non-profit corporation designed to help all interested parties participate in a beneficial forum. Our mission statement is as follows: "To provide a forum for all trail users to discuss related issues, problems and alternative solutions; to assist in the planning, development, maintenance and hosting of trails; and to help enforce the rules of the road; and to develop and maintain programs designed to educate users on proper use of trails and trail etiquette. For more information, visit the CTUC website.

    Visit CTUC.info
  • Friends of Jawbone
    The Friends of Jawbone (FOJ) is a non-profit, public benefit corporation dedicated to the promotion of outdoor recreation in the Jawbone Canyon area. Formed in 1998, Friends of Jawbone supports and develops projects to improve, protect and maintain existing trails and to promote understanding, education and cooperation among all users of public lands. For more information, visit the FOJ website.

    Visit Jawbone.org
  • Friends of El Mirage
    The Friends of El Mirage (FOEM) are users of the El Mirage OHV Open Area that promote the preservation, multiple use and restoration of this unique area. FOEM is a varied group of outdoor recreationists who are extremely active in promoting the positive aspects of vehicular access to this multi-use land, and protecting that right. For more information, visit the FOEM website.

    Visit Elmirage.org

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Recreation For All
Whatever outdoor recreation activity you enjoy, CTUC, FOJ, and FOEM have you covered! These non-profit organizations devote their energy to the future use of public lands.


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